House husband

Seeing as getting a research position is unbelievably competitive and doing a job in a company sounds unbearably wearisome, absurd and soul-sucking, in the name of feminism, in order to even out the wrong that men have been doing to women, in my small way, and of course for my personal benefit I have decided to become a house-husband I then invite women, who are either from very rich families, or working in highly paying jobs to write to me. I speak three languages, more or less well (some more less than more), and I went to reasonably good schols and colleges and managed to find a way to scrape through, so our children will be reasonably well educated in the sense that they might do the same,and if they share her temperament on well paying soul sucking jobs, may also get well paying soul sucking jobs. I am willing to do the cleaning, dusting and cooking. I will take a diploma course in cooking to ensure she eats well. I will look after the children also, so long as I can do some reading and as long as she treats me to some foreign trips once in a while. Hoping to hear from the ladies soon

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