I am not Indian

I am not Indian. No indian author have I read that played with words like Oscar wilde. No indian television show influenced my language as Nickelodeon did, or Friends did. No indian science inspired me to think critically the way western modern science did. No Resnick Halliday walker came out of an Indian writer I read. Nothing is as incomprehensible to me as Hindu fanaticism, I know christianity better than hinduism, nothing is as absurd as the sycophancy of the indian middle class, nothing makes me cringe like bollywood. It seemed terribly important if Chelsea lost tomorrow, or if France lost the world cup. Its a world cup you see, and we are part of the world, its important to be part of the world and whether Di caprio did or did not win an Oscar. I have never been so perfectly close to a county far away (The US), and so far away from a country next to me. No indian music speaks to me like american music. I wait for no indian tv show like the american tv show. Indiann-ess is the dresses I wear, and vague customs I follow, and the dirt I am used to, the pundit’s feet I touch even though he speaks nonsense to me, telling me the sun is stationary, a kind of sprinkling on top, to not let things seem too absurd. How wonderful it is that sanskrit is “used in computer science”, I am sure Panini would be glad to know how relevant his language is today ^^… I don’t know how many indians are not indian, but its not a good sign for india, or for other countries with non-countrymen. We are all citizens of the world perhaps, but some live closer home than others. In the mean time lets pay lots of money to have Coldplay sing caricatures of a country we and Coldplay don’t know, and lets have Federer play baby-tennis for us, and get exited about it, lets live in the shadow of the west, and lets call it “fusion-music”, or something like that. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is it y’all?

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