My good Sir, your daughter was particularly ravenous last night

Why is it impossible to speak to the Father of one’s girlfriend in these well-meaning terms “My good Sir, your daughter was particularly ravenous last night, is your wife also as creative as she is, in the bedroom?”
Coming from a society that is very conservative, into a society that is considerably more open, I often wonder why is it that societies are more or less “conservative”. Would it be preferable that we become so sexually liberated, that the above question would pose no issue.
I wonder why it is that societies the world over are “conservative”. Is it because, as Baudelaire puts it, “La volupté est dans le mal”, the voluptuousness is in the wrongness (poorly translated), is this a universally recognised understanding, that half of the joy in sexual exploration is the fact that it is forbidden? Does the father of the girlfriend understand this as well, and do religions curb sexual freedom, only to allow it to properly flower in the hidden joy of it. Is this some sort of evil genius in religion? Why after all are we all so clothed? We cannot unveil, until there is something that is veiled, and would those feminists who will then say that they are not objects of sexual desire (while so many men wish they were objects of sexual desire), would they prefer a complete annulation of the distinction between men and women? there is no “mal” and therefore no “volupté”. By “wrongdoing”, I don’t ofcourse mean against the will of the other, which is horrible, but in discovering a sort of joint, healthy “wrongdoing”. The advent of pornography is a sad loss of the understated joy, where like our fast food, we have no time to sit down properly, dress well, pick up the knife and fork, and slowly, carve into the meat.

Additional notes:
1. The idea of being sexually free, requires the idea of being sexually repressed, for an animal both concepts are strange, but there is a joy in becoming sexually free because it is perceived as “wrong” and, because “la volupté est dans le mal”, which explains how sexual freedom took off so well, but once the bubble is burst, there is no more mal, and there is no more volupté.
2. The collective orgasms that “scientifically-knowledgeable” persons experience when talking to those who aren’t, or who question their (often non)understanding, who would themselves be perfectly incapable to answer simple questions on science, is also related to the “volupté dans le mal” and deeply rooted in the religion they condemn. The religious zeal with which people like Dawkins and HItchens go after religions, getting off on the shock they create, while infact, they are themselves products of a very christian science. The desire to truth can be seen in confession boxes, it is this very christian western science that they turn around and condemn, they experience a volupté in the mal christianity created for them.
3. The horror and shock at infidelity is also deeply rooted in this mal. The delicious tears wept, and the insults hurled between cheating couples is also a search for the voluptuousness. Nobody is even minded about this, wouldn’t having several parents help the child develop a varied perspective on life? No, we demand fidelity, because, more specifically, to translate Baudelaire’s complete phrase “The unique and supreme voluptuousnees of love resides in the certainty to do wrong, both men and women know from birth that in the wrong resides all voluptuousness”. Yes, it is this certainty that slowly burns, till one day, the deed is done, and mascara smeared faces lit with rage, shock and horror melt in its crucible, all this rooted in this demand for fidelity, this search for the volupté.

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