New literature

I find it upsetting that when I read a book that my eyes are reading it from left to right, but my mind is reading it in unfinished concentric circles, some circles are small, which are quickly completed, but sometimes my mind is too lazy to complete them, and some are longer, but my mind puts in the effort to complete the circles, because it gets excited about completing them, and some circles never complete, too tedious, too unimportant, or so it seems at first glance.. In any case this left to right system of writing needs to be changed. the person who has written the book has perfected, drawn and redrawn the circles in his mind, whereas the reader is compelled to enter very high radius circles unnecessarily quickly in his reading process, this is particularly true in dense books. Perhaps writing should happen in fragments, so the simple circles are quickly completed. The manner in which books are written should adapt to how the mind works, and not vice-versa, a whole new literature, “written in concentric circles” needs to be evolved. This is especially true for books trying to teach us things, so that the vague cloudiness of the mind can juggle the symbols in front of it without having to trudge through it.

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