I hate the word “understand”, it is almost as if someone who knows how to ride a bicycle tells you that you don’t understand how to ride a bicycle. The word “understand” is the biggest farce in the educational system, we don’t understand, we get used to, at different speeds. This is why children can spend hours playing “in the midst of ” pebbles, and find it impossible to play with numbers, because they are expected to understand. An understanding is what other people have.
“Old English understandan “comprehend, grasp the idea of,” probably literally “stand in the midst of,” from under + standan “to stand” (see stand (v.)). If this is the meaning, the under is not the usual word meaning “beneath,” but from Old English under, from PIE *nter- “between, among” (source also of Sanskrit antar “among, between,” Latin inter “between, among,” Greek entera “intestines;” see inter-). “

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