White people aren’t white

Most white people aren’t white at all, very few resemble the color white. Paper is white, walls are white. If we are going to judge people from the colour of their skin, we might as well be a little more accurate and nuanced. Cooking, I think, provides a way to nuance the different colours. But one needs to be profoundly superficial about it. Fresh and uncooked, slightly cooked, mildly roasted, well done….for respectively very white people, not-so- white white people, brown people, black people. But instead of being as simple as “black” or “white”, we could use culinary language to nuance and better appreciate the colour of the person’s skin. To make it sound more important and scientific, we could resort to latin, but as always ensuring that its nice word which doesn’t have a negative meaning, for example vegitus or crudus could provide radicals for a white-ish person, but we don’t wish to suggest that their faces are crude or vegetable like, but that they seem fresh and rather uncooked. Brown people are in varying degrees of roasting, and black people are very well done, but we need many many more sub categories. We could add spices, like chinese people are possible cooked with a certain spice, but I am no culinary expert. For racism to die, it must die from the terminology of the people. Being offended because a person calls you a nigger, knowing fully well that nigger just means black in latin, is part of the problem. I crudely gloss over history ofcourse, but if the white man had a burden, I wish to know which culinary sub group of white man had a burden.

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