Women are superior to men

Most women are superior to most men, in my experience, because most men are superficially profound, driven by absurd passions, and women are profoundly superficial, they understand that acting is far more real than life. Very early most girls are disdainful of boys, girls take less risks because they find it silly, in bars they don’t hit on men, men do the chasing, the running around and bleeding, the making lousy jokes, being unimpressive, unfunny, ridiculous, awkward, taking risks, because women are superior creatures, although the desire for the other is equally strong in both, women know how vulgar it is to take off the mask. They are sophisticated, they know how to get you for trying and for not trying. But then most women take less risks, they have “done” less things historically, few scientists are women even today, few mathematicians, few heads of organizations, heads of state, few painters, writers, chefs, the exception proves the rule, even in the west, where women are now “free” for “very long”, they continue to prefer to be the mothers and wives, but they have probably had much more influence in it all than we see, the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Women are heat, complex, indescribable, infinite degrees of freedom, men are work, cartesian, directional……but who am I to make vulgar generalisations? who am I to ignore, and gloss over years of oppression? to start wars? to want to go to mars and back? to do science? To destroy the fabric of society, to not put the family’s well being before my strange, useless obsessions? But ofcourse, I am the inferior, I am the man.

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