Shakespeare and saas-bahu

The careers of many soap stars, television series actors, and even movie stars depends crucially on our inability to find anything better to do with ourselves. A capitalist society brings out the mediocrity in us, we simply will not put in the effort to see the difference between a shakespearan tragedy and a saas-bahu (family drama) serial. There is a difference between the two, and a very important one, the former uplifts the human soul, is still read and studied hundreds of years later, making its viewer think with more subtlety, use language better, and like good Art, refines the human spirit, as we read the genius of Shakespeare and his grasp of the human condition, the latter simply distracts. It is difficult to read Shakespeare, it is difficult to put in the effort and the patience, it is easy to press a button and be fed a soap serial.

A society that does not find interesting things to do with its time, that does not have the patience to do difficult things, ends up paying more to people playing the role of a physicist on television (The big bang theory), than to an actual physicist, simply because, we live on the life support of entertainment. In ancient times, acting was hardly an honorable profession. If people knew what to do with their time, FRIENDS would at best be a popular folk group earning a simple living, and not world famous filthy rich stars, it is up to us to make them what they are, they themselves do not understand why they merit this much wealth and importance, often falling into all sorts of problems, it is up to us to improve the standards of what we watch and pay for, to prevent the skews of the modern “entertainment industry”.

The capitalist monster wants us to be perpetually distracted, to rid us of patience of any kind, boredom is very important to creativity and the desire for upliftment, for as Oscar Wilde said “discontent is man’s original virtue”, but the capitalist monster will never let you be bored, because it wants you to become a machine, because machines are predictable.

A society that loses its patience with literature and art, is much more amenable to mass hysteria, as Nuccio Ordine explains in his book “The usefulness of the useless”, we don’t learn the tools to understand other cultures, or the other in general, we are quick to judge, we do not think, we feel, because we lose all subtelty and patience, this is evidenced in all the madness of the last few decades, it is urgent that we give more importance to difficult, patient “useless” education.

Again, as explained in his book, only “useless” education goes directly against the logic of profit of the cynical economist, because if we share education, we are often richer not poorer for it, and it does not divide by half, but often multiplies, manyfold. It is then also not surprising that simplistic military answers are given to all the problems, I wonder how it would be if the americans on average had more appreciation for persian and middle eastern culture, if their understanding of pakistanis and indians was beyond that of taxi drivers and restaurant owners. Oh the inhumanity! And if indians and pakistanis had a little more appreciation for their own culture and history, if they had their own vision of the future, outside of the urban industrial vision, perhaps the absurdities and excesses of the silicon valley wouldn’t be imported to India.

The Acropolis, after serving as a pagan temple, a mosque, a church, has reached its final state: a tourist destination, with tourists infesting it like crickets, clicking away selfies to be posted on social media…

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