Happy new year Facebook

I feel sad that all these companies are thanking me or wishing me a happy new year, and I am unable to wish the companies anything. M. Zuckerberg isn’t answering any of my emails! Dear Facebook, you had a wonderful year too! Well done! Dear Google, thank you for telling me what a beautiful day it will be, I hope your mother is doing well. Trip advisor, congratulations to you too for being part of the Trip advisor community. Dear flipkart,thank you for reminding me to buy a gift for my family, but you haven’t told me what you are getting for your family! Tell me Flipkart, how was 2016 for you? Thank you all of you, for making me talk to machines, and slowly converting me into one. Its a great time being human today, I shall outsource living also.  And its such a pleasure to see Netflix coming out with advertisements for Black mirror, capitalism is the biggest troll in the world. Useful things are useless, and only the truly useless things are truly useful, for “only the poets make things that last”.
P.S. “The usefulness of the useless” by Nuccio Ordine, for those looking to do something useless with their time.

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