It is impossible to critcise techno science today, or capitalism and not be taken for an ignorant fool, a charlatan, a religious bigot, or to be mocked for daring to speak on such a wide subject, how dare ye speak of this great, colossal, complicated thing, that you clearly don’t understand, this thing that gives you the food you eat, the education you went to, the opportunities you get. So the roads will be more polluted, the food with more sugar, the inequalities greater, and M. Zuckerberg smilingly calmly insisting he is saving the world.
Common sense is poor before statistical data. Religion has no truths before the truths of science. Buddhism is only a tourism opportunity. What grandfathers wisdom on food or sexuality can compare to the scientific studies on calories and dopamine levels?
The maddest of all madnesses is that which is done with great technical serenity. The modern horror is shiny.

We cannot destroy this system, we cannot replace it, but we must use its powers against it – those of deconstruction, brick by brick, concept by concept the modern world must first be deconstructed.

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