On should only look for the truth in history in so much as to be able to tell ourselves a more glorious and powerful lie, because only fictions realize themselves. A people can only become great if they learn to lie to themselves well and as a whole. As Sapiens explains The great empires were built on the lie of the divine legitimacy of a King, great democracies were built on the lie that all people are born equal.

Seeing the “Liberté guidant le peuple” by Delacroix, we are filled with almost a joy and exuberance, that hides the violence and cruelty of the republican armies in France at the time, and why not make the comparison with those in this world seeking for the liberty of a people to have its monarchy. Wasn’t France a monarchy for most of its history, didn’t its culture come frome this monarchy, from Louis the fourteenth pushing its arts and its sciences ? Why not lets other countries realise their collective hallucinations under their king? Why must we oblige them to build Mcdonalds there where palaces can be built? Listen to Justin Bieber where Tansen could sing? This image gives us a certain view of history, but the truth doesn’t matter, what matters today is the fiction of the superiority of democracy and a republic. A well told Fiction and not truth matters. And here again life imitates art, and not the other way around. Our collective hallucination can only be sustained by art.

And the fiction of the civilisation of the west, which african tribe has inflicted more suffering and destruction in the world than the west? What is more barbaric? And the bobo is but a savage who is unable to be a savage despite himself, unable to be rid of his credit card.
“The world is real but it is not true”
“L’histoire est une suite de mensonges sur lesquels on est d’accord.”

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