Probabilistic literature

One day people will come up with an app to write poetry and novels, algorithms will be able to measure the profoundness of a piece of writing, they will compare a given piece of writing to that of Shakespeare or Molière, or Premchand or Firdowsi, they will have coefficients for different cultural influences.

As Sapiens teaches me, modern education is centered around statistics, whether it is physics, economics, or even the social sciences, probability and statistics are at the center today, which was ofcourse not true before. It is especially true for computer science, that everybody in the developed or developing world hopes desperately to master. Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are our heroes. The law of large numbers and the central limit theorem, those are the building blocks of almost all knowledge today. And oh how those that master it scoff at the rest, who are slowly following suit.

The day this app is made, humanity as we know it will end, we shall be mere specters,like truths that have become facts.

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