Energy called by any other name

Physicists seem to confuse people by saying things like “the particle was able to cross the barrier despite having less energy owing to quantum tunnelling”. A lay man looks at that and says: “thats just not possible, that makes no sense”. A physicist doesn’t care if it doesn’t make sense, or rather his mathematical structure doesn’t care, energy is a concept, built on analogies, that fits somewhere a mathematical framework, a framework built by hit and trial, and which is susceptible to change. Then mass and energy become the same, and the lay man is at a total loss. Concepts change, philosophy can think what it will, so long as the physicist can keep calculating and predicting, with unfair almost suspicious accuracy. Whatever the mathematical structure tells you is true is true, I couldn’t tell apart a tautology and a theory if it hit me at the speed of light. Energy is just a word, a letter. Alas, Quantum tunneling doesn’t mean there is a small chance I will pass the exam if I know less than what I need to know. Energy called by any other name would have suffered profound conceptual modifications. Plus we can write books on quantum consciousness, which sell well. They are just making this shit up along the way.

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