A lovely Western-European Dialect

On coming to Europe I learnt a western-european dialect known as “French”. In fact it could even be argued that it is a separate language in itself, although the writing system closely resembles adjoining parts of Western Europe. Much to my surprise I learned that French, has a long history of literature, and writers from about 500 years back can be understood even today! Western Europe, as I read more and more of its history, has always struggled to find unity, and most unfortunately dragged itself into war after war, with the English ( a region to the north of the French speaking part of Europe, across the so-called “English Channel”, a waterbody separating it from “Continental Europe”) often pitting the Germans (another part of western europe to the east of the French speaking side) against the French. The continent now hopes that they will someday find unity and peace, but it remains a difficult task, because the English take their “physical separation” a little too much to heart. If you are interested in the history of this region, I suggest a local author called Jacques Bainville, who writes about its history from the antinquity to modern times.

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