Punjabi farmer

There is literally no way, no way I can realistically convince a simple Punjabi farmer of Avogadro’s number, and therefore I am not convinced of it myself. The good thing about a simple farmer is that he literally knows nothing on such matters, or more precisely he hasn’t started to tell himself he understands things like temperature or entropy or kinetic energy or energy, his ignorance is so pure, so complete on such matters, that it is only if I am able to explain it to him that I know I have understood it myself. But this will never happen, and therefore I shall keep telling myself I know things, when I don’t.

One thought on “Punjabi farmer

  1. Laissez donc ce paysan tranquille monsieur, il ne vous a rien fait, ne lui infligez pas cette volonté de savoir vaine et pervertie.
    “Heureux les pauvres en esprit, car le royaume des cieux est à eux !”


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