Modernity is a religion

Modernity is a religion and should be treated as such. The way Islam or Christianity or Hinduism historically took over so many countries, on the might of military power, giving people from widely different cultural and geographical contexts common ground, so does modernity with science provide common ground today to all countries of the world, compels people to follow one mould (everybody needs an army otherwise it’ll be taken over, with an army comes science, industry, and the works). It doesn’t matter what it believes in, one believes in Allah, the other in the conservation of energy, it makes its people believe in an unquestionable truth, and the idea of not being modern is as silly today as not being christian would have been 500 years back to Europe. Modernity came out of Chrsitianity – the way jainism and buddhism came out of hinduism. The hindus didn’t know they would be classified as “Hindus” later on, we too shall be classified and judged in the future.

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