Benign religions of the world

Vigyan (the common hindi translation for Science) and Science have two different histories, you cannot translate one with the other. There is nothing Indian about the Indian Institute of technology or Science or management. There isn’t a word for entropy in Hindi, or in any Indian language. I do not know what the Hindu fanatics seek out by trying to remove Mughal history from their syllabuses, when there is nothing left of “India”, because modern India is a contradiction in terms. Even if we have the best institutes of Science, they won’t be Indian in the strict sense, or Hindu, because they will not be a product of Hind civilisation, but a sign of its complete decline.

No Hindu sage had the faintest desire to send a mission to mars, he contented himself with contemplating his Gods, he would watch perplexed as Delhiites kill themselves in sef inflicted pollution.

The western civilisation may one day fall in Europe but it is on the rise everywhere else in the world, including India. If the Hindu fanatics really want to protect their culture they should destroy modernity, instead of foolishly pretending that cosmetic surgery happened in India. Hindus were given their name by the persians and the greeks, and have had their civilisation replaced with the embers of the west. What is Hindu anyway?

If the Canadian prime minister talks proudly about how different cultures interact in classrooms in Canada, it is because his multiculturalism is a farce, because the civilisations represented by the hindu boy, the chinese boy, the girl from the middle east, are all being dissoved in that classroom on a smart phone and in swirling Star bucks coffee. That is no real exchange of cultures, let us not be fooled. Let us all accept that the Canadian prime minister wants all of us to be modern, where the past religions are benign irrelevant nuances to a religion left purposefully unnamed – modernity.

One thought on “Benign religions of the world

  1. « Aucun centralisme fasciste n’est parvenu à faire ce qu’a fait le centralisme de la société de consommation. Le fascisme proposait un modèle, réactionnaire et monumental, mais qui restait lettre morte. Les différences culturelles particulières (paysannes, sous-prolétariennes, ouvrières) continuaient imperturbablement à s’identifier à leurs modèles, car la répression se limitait à obtenir leur adhésion en paroles. De nos jours, au contraire, l’adhésion aux modèles imposés par le centre est totale et inconditionnée. On renie les véritables modèles culturels. L’abjuration est accomplie. On peut donc affirmer que la “tolérance” de l’idéologie hédoniste voulue par le nouveau pouvoir est la pire des répressions de toute l’histoire humaine. » Pier Paolo Pasolini


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