Ministry of idleness

I believe the government needs a “ministry of idleness”,  where the quality of idleness of the general population is looked into. Nietzsche said that if you do not have a third of your time for yourself, then you are a slave. This ministry can then look into what people do when they have nothing to do, and ensure they have this time. Quality idle-time is essential, lets stop torturing ourselves and nature, let us become flâneurs, let the absence of things to do not torture us anymore, and lets put in considerable effort into doing beautiful things, like knitting or painting, or walking the streets with nothing to do, or writing bad poetry…in the beginning of the Little Prince the little boy had begun to be an artist…and society did not let Pessoa said, modern society does not permit the qualities of the artist to develop in us..

Virtually manly

Comfort is the feminising bane of modern society, men need to jump out of aeroplanes,or speed to their unnecessary deaths in fast cars or play nonsensical videogames, or pump pointless muscle in the gym to feel like men now. The vibrator is the beginning of womankind. We are all women now, the women is finally empowered in all of us. The word emperor now is reserved for people who hit balls for a living (federer, tendulkar) and valour is judged on a football field. I wonder what songs of valour we shall sing in 300 years, “And iniesta, the brave, went past two defenders to score a goal in the 88th minute”, “And Federer, he played on, even though he was cramping, and won Wimbeldon for an 8th time, what a grand emperor he was”. I shouldn’t say anything, look how much money they make, and how much good television it makes, and how many ads can be shown between a match of football and a match of tennis, and seeing as we are dumbed out of our minds by the work we do, we deserve a little entertainment, a little comfort….We don’t even need to walk anymore with those confounded contraptions with wheels on them…No, no you are right, what does a biological difference mean anyway? Why can’t we all be identical, aren’t well human first after all? What does anything mean anyway…How can one argue with such an argument?….
Pessoa tells me that reason is halfway between faith and criticism, but it is a kind of faith, because it assumes that there is something to be understood, but how can I have faith, I have lost religion and therefore faith. I have lost one part of the duality faith-criticism, and I shall lose one part of the duality man-woman…
This liberal agenda is sold, exploiting the colonial hangover, to the “third world”, slowly but surely eroding every culture on this planet.

There is the army, but soon machines will fight wars for us, admittedly wars are bad, perhaps it is a good thing that there is no “manliness” in this world…but then again perhaps there is more to manliness than wars, what a strange world it shall be, call me old fashioned, but what will attract women to men, and vice versa if all the valor to be found is in the gym? And pleasure simulated in porn sites and vibrators? if we all become “women”, isn’t something being lost? I once saw an advertisement that said “Going for an adventure, don’t forget to be insured”…I think the makers of the advertisement don’t understand the word adventure. Does feminism want a removal of the distinction of the sexes? Aren’t the steps then taken in Nordic countries to bring up men and women identically going to spell doom for our humanity, that is based on this fundamental distinction? We have bitten into the apple from the Tree of knowledge, of science and technology, and it has a bitter, metallic taste, and Eve shall once more bring doom to Adam. Like Nietzsche said, “The truth is woman”