What is force?

The day I read the chapter in the Feynman lectures on “What is force”, where Feynman describes the concept of “gorce”, my entire understanding of what physics was got shattered, I realized I had understood nothing, I realized that day how mysterious physics really was, and why I would never understand physics.

Perhaps physics doesn’t “understand” things, it “creates” an
understanding of things. I don’t know how to describe the difference, but I feel there must be one. Since then I can only see physics as a constructive process and not as understanding process, they create their mathematically consistent understandings of nature, their models that they eventually start calling laws. I shall never understand the “laws” of thermodynamics, nor the newton’s “laws” of motions, nor relativity special or general, I shall only perhaps appreciate that the edifice constructed is sound, if I get used to their equations enough.

The apple does not fall “because” of gravity, the sun does not shine “because” of weak interactions, the apple falls, and the sun shines, and we don’t know really why, it isn’t because we have a word for something that the mystery of it has gone anywhere.

P.S. I cannot help quote Ghalib here
Juz naam nahin surat-e-aalam mujhe manzoor
Juz waham nahin hasti-e-ashia meray aage

I acknowledge the face of the universe as only a name
The substance of reality is but superstition before me