Modern marriage

Ideally, modern marriage and relationships should be friendships, nothing more. In so much as men and women treat each other as identical, the dynamics of femininity and masculinity are lost, one cannot be galant and not be sexist, one cannot be manly because we cannot suppose the other to be less manly or different. The man and woman are equal, the same in fact, there is no intrinsic difference, everything is accidental, cultural, years of oppression have finally been overcome, women will hopefully, finally have a “room of their own”. Ofcourse this also means that all literature dealing with the subject is outdated. Romeo and Juliette is as absurd, as are all heroics of the brave warriors, because all this is sexist. Motherly love is sexist, fatherly sterness is absurd. That is a lot of getting used to, and nobody really gets used to it, which leads to a schizophrenia