A world worth dreaming of

I don’t understand how the americans get to decide who the sexiest man alive is, they didn’t even consider me! I don’t know how they get to decide what the greatest novels are, the finest films are, the best dresses are, the best music is, and we just let them, worse, we worship their generalizations of the planet as they ruthlessly exploit the world.

We see the world through their eyes, their conception of the world, of Africa, the middle eat, Asia, south america, becomes ours. Their mind-numbing entertainment industry becomes my only point of discussion with a brazilian or a lebanese. Why should I care if Raj is on the big bang theory? Why should I care if they are making hyperspecialised cultureless morons like Sheldon Cooper whose only conception of the world is an equation, who doesn’t know what art or poetry or culture is, and who on top of that is foolishly arrogant? Let them get on with their nihilistic agenda without bothering everybody. Someone was once shocked how I didn’t know which coast California was, but sadly my own education hardly taught me how my city developed the way it did. Education today isn’t narrow enough.

We crave their attention, we crave to dress like them, talk like them, eat like them, get heart disease like them, and destroy the planet like them. Ofcourse they “celebrate multiculturalism” so we sing Indian songs in their universities, but this is just throwing powder in the eyes. We travel to New York to buy the clothes made a hundred kilometers away from us, but designed in New York, because they even tell us what to wear, in a climate that is totally different from theirs, ofcourse their own “culture” is a kind of capitalist derivative of European culture, where a church is only of value if you can get a two dollar entry fee to enter it. “America is the the only country in the world that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization”, this country that “knows the price of everything, but the value of nothing.” Never in the history of the world has such mediocrity in the arts been given so much importance, “earlier the books would be written by men of letters and read by the public, now books are written by the public and nobody reads them”.

We like to assert a kind of Indian-ness, we feebly assert how “Indian” we are when we play classical music in the evenings, or read some indian literature, but it isn’t culture if it isn’t cultivated, if it doesn’t play a role in the kind of life you lead, the career choices you make, the kind of nation you build. The world needs different perspectives, that is what being open-minded means. The privileged in the world think they are open-minded, but they are terribly close -minded, they have no nation, no patriotism, no boundaries, but infact they do, they are all americans, america will be the last nation on earth, the nation that will destroy the world.

In language and literature lie the key to saving the world, the languages of the world need to be saved, because those before us have already thought in that tongue about the weather, the climate, the food, the men and women and children. I have never read a poem praising the beauty of an Indian women, but I have read countless pieces of literature speaking of the blonde blue eyes girl that doesn’t live anywhere near me. The languages shall also permit different conceptions of the world, these conceptions exist already, I want to learn of what melancholy is in different part of the world, what sarcasm is, ofcourse there is a limit to how much one can take in, but I certainly wish to take in something other than the clowns on american television. The burden of the world should stand on many different, proud cultures, that is a world worth dreaming of.


House husband

Seeing as getting a research position is unbelievably competitive and doing a job in a company sounds unbearably wearisome, absurd and soul-sucking, in the name of feminism, in order to even out the wrong that men have been doing to women, in my small way, and of course for my personal benefit I have decided to become a house-husband I then invite women, who are either from very rich families, or working in highly paying jobs to write to me. I speak three languages, more or less well (some more less than more), and I went to reasonably good schols and colleges and managed to find a way to scrape through, so our children will be reasonably well educated in the sense that they might do the same,and if they share her temperament on well paying soul sucking jobs, may also get well paying soul sucking jobs. I am willing to do the cleaning, dusting and cooking. I will take a diploma course in cooking to ensure she eats well. I will look after the children also, so long as I can do some reading and as long as she treats me to some foreign trips once in a while. Hoping to hear from the ladies soon

Modern marriage

Ideally, modern marriage and relationships should be friendships, nothing more. In so much as men and women treat each other as identical, the dynamics of femininity and masculinity are lost, one cannot be galant and not be sexist, one cannot be manly because we cannot suppose the other to be less manly or different. The man and woman are equal, the same in fact, there is no intrinsic difference, everything is accidental, cultural, years of oppression have finally been overcome, women will hopefully, finally have a “room of their own”. Ofcourse this also means that all literature dealing with the subject is outdated. Romeo and Juliette is as absurd, as are all heroics of the brave warriors, because all this is sexist. Motherly love is sexist, fatherly sterness is absurd. That is a lot of getting used to, and nobody really gets used to it, which leads to a schizophrenia

Women are superior to men

Most women are superior to most men, in my experience, because most men are superficially profound, driven by absurd passions, and women are profoundly superficial, they understand that acting is far more real than life. Very early most girls are disdainful of boys, girls take less risks because they find it silly, in bars they don’t hit on men, men do the chasing, the running around and bleeding, the making lousy jokes, being unimpressive, unfunny, ridiculous, awkward, taking risks, because women are superior creatures, although the desire for the other is equally strong in both, women know how vulgar it is to take off the mask. They are sophisticated, they know how to get you for trying and for not trying. But then most women take less risks, they have “done” less things historically, few scientists are women even today, few mathematicians, few heads of organizations, heads of state, few painters, writers, chefs, the exception proves the rule, even in the west, where women are now “free” for “very long”, they continue to prefer to be the mothers and wives, but they have probably had much more influence in it all than we see, the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Women are heat, complex, indescribable, infinite degrees of freedom, men are work, cartesian, directional……but who am I to make vulgar generalisations? who am I to ignore, and gloss over years of oppression? to start wars? to want to go to mars and back? to do science? To destroy the fabric of society, to not put the family’s well being before my strange, useless obsessions? But ofcourse, I am the inferior, I am the man.

Virtually manly

Comfort is the feminising bane of modern society, men need to jump out of aeroplanes,or speed to their unnecessary deaths in fast cars or play nonsensical videogames, or pump pointless muscle in the gym to feel like men now. The vibrator is the beginning of womankind. We are all women now, the women is finally empowered in all of us. The word emperor now is reserved for people who hit balls for a living (federer, tendulkar) and valour is judged on a football field. I wonder what songs of valour we shall sing in 300 years, “And iniesta, the brave, went past two defenders to score a goal in the 88th minute”, “And Federer, he played on, even though he was cramping, and won Wimbeldon for an 8th time, what a grand emperor he was”. I shouldn’t say anything, look how much money they make, and how much good television it makes, and how many ads can be shown between a match of football and a match of tennis, and seeing as we are dumbed out of our minds by the work we do, we deserve a little entertainment, a little comfort….We don’t even need to walk anymore with those confounded contraptions with wheels on them…No, no you are right, what does a biological difference mean anyway? Why can’t we all be identical, aren’t well human first after all? What does anything mean anyway…How can one argue with such an argument?….
Pessoa tells me that reason is halfway between faith and criticism, but it is a kind of faith, because it assumes that there is something to be understood, but how can I have faith, I have lost religion and therefore faith. I have lost one part of the duality faith-criticism, and I shall lose one part of the duality man-woman…
This liberal agenda is sold, exploiting the colonial hangover, to the “third world”, slowly but surely eroding every culture on this planet.

There is the army, but soon machines will fight wars for us, admittedly wars are bad, perhaps it is a good thing that there is no “manliness” in this world…but then again perhaps there is more to manliness than wars, what a strange world it shall be, call me old fashioned, but what will attract women to men, and vice versa if all the valor to be found is in the gym? And pleasure simulated in porn sites and vibrators? if we all become “women”, isn’t something being lost? I once saw an advertisement that said “Going for an adventure, don’t forget to be insured”…I think the makers of the advertisement don’t understand the word adventure. Does feminism want a removal of the distinction of the sexes? Aren’t the steps then taken in Nordic countries to bring up men and women identically going to spell doom for our humanity, that is based on this fundamental distinction? We have bitten into the apple from the Tree of knowledge, of science and technology, and it has a bitter, metallic taste, and Eve shall once more bring doom to Adam. Like Nietzsche said, “The truth is woman”