Mathematics are spices

Mathematics are like spices. Some people like eating them raw, like a lot of cloves and then they talk about how shiny their teeth are, and some talk about how much raw chilly they can have. But for the rest of us, it doesn’t matter what meat you cook, if you don’t know how to use your spices, your food is tasteless and nobody wants any of it.

The Guru’s white robes

Why does a Guru, dress as Guru, with a flowing beard, and white robes? What would superman be without his cape? Without a calm smile on his face, the Guru would fail at his job, independent of what he says. Because nobody escapes the law of the superficial. A physicist looks at spring, and he superficialises, he caricaturises, and his caricature works. F=-kx, F=ma, E=mc^2. The laws of nature are caricatures, they are not deep, they are profoundly superficial. A statistical physicist doesn’t care which atom goes where. A mathematician superificialises using symbols, and these symbols are the surface of the complexity of his mind, but he uses this surface, these symbols, to move forward, often the symbol finds its own way. The Gauss’ law is just this, converting a volume integral into a surface integral. A mathematician, and therefore a physicist only “understand” in symbol, he is lost without his symbol, his superficial. A believer knows little to nothing about his religion or his political party. Nobody seriously believe he understands why his religion is better, or his country is better, or his team is better. But our humanity needs to live in a superficiality. A believer would be lost without his chants, his robes, his rituals. We must embrace ignorance and celebrate those who superficialise well, bringing people together, for life itself eventually becomes superficial to us, there is only a superficial difference between a friend and an enemy, one religion and another, but this difference is key. We must learn how to judge a book by its cover. Infact “Only the superficial know themselves”. Gandhi superficialised well, when he had everybody worrying about salt. Trump did it well too, by using only 700 different words. We only have vague notions of things, but these vague notions are what the world depends on, and experts fail to realize that it is by the superficial that we shall attain the soul.